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Hotels in Yerevan


Hotel in Armenia


Hotels in Armenia

. Hotel is allocated for guests and those who visit Armenia frecuently.

Hotels rooms

provide with all necessary items which makes families and other guests to feel the comfortableness of home . There is a cafe and all day watchhouse in hotel.You can see the edifices of rooms in our web page. In our web page you can find any information about any room, and if you want you can even order the room online.

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Hotel in Yerevan , Armenia

Hotel in Armenia

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Enjoy all the city has to offer when you stay at NARE

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Armenian Russian
RECEPTION:     +374 10 65 65 65 RESERVATION: +374 10 65 65 00
Armenia, 0047, Yerevan
Nork Marash, G.Hovsepyan str.,22/10


• restaurant
• bar
• outdoor cafe
Dishes of Armenian and European cuisine, unique cocktails, warm family atmosphere, professional staff and high quality service.

• billiard room
• sauna
• outdoor swimming pool
For guests only. Unique design, comfortable environment for escaping the summer heat, relax and complete rest.

• Single
• Double
• Deluxe
30 comfortable rooms, king size beds, classic furnishing, city panoramic view and magnificent view of Mount Ararat.

One of the best hotels in Armenia - Hotel Nare (Yerevan) – always is open for guests.

As one of the best hotels in Yerevan, Nare Hotel offers a full range of services for families with children. For example, the hotel Nare (Armenia) is situated in one of the best parts of the city: in Nork, and there is one of the most important elements of the infrastructure of the city - excellent transportation, the nearest location to both the airport and to the city centre (shuttle service available), there is a free parking.

The hotel offers guests 30 rooms (single, double and DeLuxe), a sauna, a large open-air swimming pool and a billiards room, and there is also a conference hall.

Nare Hotel as one of the best hotels in Yerevan offers a fairly reasonable prices. The bar and restaurant offer dishes of Armenian and European cuisine and a open air café on the roof of the building with views of Biblical Mount Ararat makes an environment of romantic mood and full relaxation.

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We work on the principle of ''Our customer is always right''. Visit us and see how a well-matched control mechanism allows us to provide high quality service.
Hotels in Yerevan - a unique interweaving of history, tradition, European comfort and all conditions for comfortable and quality holiday. Hotel Nare is the best hotel in Yerevan- a quiet part of the city, and only 30 comfortable modern rooms, which provide relaxation and recreation.